Screen Printing

Printing a wraparound image on plastic bottles is a fairly specialised process due to the flexibility of the material used.  Screen printers are equipped with inflation systems to force air into the bottles, giving them the rigidity necessary for the screen printing process.  Pre-treatment is necessary in the form of flaming for the ink to adhere to these plastic materials, and multi-colour printing requires registration of the image. Custom tooling is therefore required for each bottle size and shape to engage the registration feature at the bottom of the bottle.

So whether it is processing positives, silk screen preparation, machining tools, colour matching, or printing four colour logos,  our experienced staff have been providing our customers with high quality prints on plastic containers all in-house for over 10 years.  Using semi-automatic screen printing machines, we have the ability to print both short and long runs on round, conical, cylindrical and flat plastic bottles and jars.

Screen printing is a low cost decorating option and we can do it all for you under one roof.  Contact us to discuss your bottle and branding options, and we will supply you with a quotation.

Printing on Plastic bottles Screenprinting and wrap around images

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